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How do I exchange toys each month?

You can either exchange via Pargo (they are based in over 2200 stores nation-wide, including Clicks) or if you’re based in Cape Town, you can exchange with a courier. Either way, a week before you are scheduled for an exchange, we send you an email to confirm and include the list of toys you need to return. In store or with a courier, you merely return the ‘old’ bag, exchanging it for a new one! Play→ Learn → Return … and repeat!

How much does it cost?

R399 per month, but please check out our discounted offers on the SIGN UP page.

Am I tied to a contract?

If you opt to go month to month, you pay monthly, cancel anytime. If you choose one of our discounted packages, then you are obviously committed for that time.

How many toys are in each bag?

Each and every toy bag contains 5 or 6 toys collectively worth over R 1 000.

What ages do you cater for?

Smart Toy Club is ideal for babies from 6 months but have had some joining when they were as young as 4 months. It all depends on the child – you know if your baby is needing some fresh stimulation. We can keep a child of about 5 years entertained with our bags but they tend to have their own interests after this age.

What types of toys are in each bag?

We believe children need a variety of toys to keep them engaged and stimulated and we only stock the best quality, educational brands. Each bag typically consists of a board book (unless you tell us your child or dog eats them), a wooden puzzle (typically from 12 months), 1 or 2 battery operated tech toys and 1 or 2 wooden and other interesting toys. We take great joy and care in selecting the toys for our little customers. We are moms – it’s very special getting to know your child through the toy selections.

Can I choose the toys?

Unfortunately not, but this is part of the fun! Parents and children are surprised by the monthly selection, also ensuring that your child is exposed to toys that you may not necessarily have chosen if you were in a toy store. We encourage you to let us know if there are certain types of toys you’d like us to consider. Please note that while you can request a toy, we will not be able to guarantee that exact toy in your next bag due to toys being out with other members, but we will put aside for your next bag.

Are my toys clean and sanitized before I receive them?

Yes, like many mothers before us, we too put our trust in Milton!

What about the battery operated toys?

We fully charge our rechargeable batteries and replace them before toys are going out so that you don’t sit with this hassle. However, they are batteries and sometimes they act up whilst the toys are with you … feel free if you have a charger at home to give them a charge and replace.

My child falls in love with a toy...what now?

No problemo – perfectly natural, you may happily hold onto the toy for one more month no charge. If the novelty does not wear off after a month and you still want to keep it, then we can simply add to your invoice.

We can’t find a piece of the puzzle, help?

We know the feeling; we are moms too. In this case, we always err on the side of caution and will give you some time to locate the missing piece. However, if it turns up that the dog has chewed it, you will have to pay the replacement cost of the toy.

What if a toy breaks?

We really and honestly don’t experience this too much and this is due to us only believing in DURABLE, QUALITY products. Of course, we’ve had the dog who likes to chew and the Dad who stood on a toy. In those scenarios, we sell you the toy at a discounted rate. However, we also have a toy mechanic handy. We really don’t like to waste and nine times out of ten, the toys can be fixed and are returned to our stock.

Does Smart Toy Club buy previously loved toys?

Yes, Yes, Yes! We certainly do. Get in touch. We pay half the retail value. A simple and convenient way to earn extra cash while ensuring the toys are put back into little hands to enjoy!