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Review from Trish Daniels

Let’s Talk Toys!
Our kids love it and we love to buy it, right?

Now, when you look around your home, I am almost certain you have too many boxes of toys they don’t play with anymore, and not enough space , toys everywhere bursting at the seams.

Review from Little Josh

Little Josh
August 8, 2018 ·

Just in case you missed my previous post, Trending Tuesday is back and Smart Toy Club is the product on trend!

Josh absolutely loves his package this month. He definitely has his favorite, but you will have to take a peek at my stories to find out!

Review from Hopefull Treasures

The Smart Toy Club is a business run by two moms. They provide a toy rental subscription, where a bag of age-appropriate toys are delivered to you, for your child to play with for the month ahead. At the end of the month, all you do is pack up the bag of toys, and swap it out for the next bag.

Review from The Parenting Paradox

A Sunday evening approaches a heavy feeling beckons, a tad of melancholy but mostly dread. It’s not the normal Sunday blues that you experience back in your varsity days-that would be more accurately described as a feeling of longing, loneliness. Oh no, this is definitely apprehension.

Review from KraftiMama

We’ve all been there… one day you have a beautiful little baby with a teddy bear and blanky and the next you feel like you’re living a nightmare in Toy Story 3! We think toys are the savior to buy us some time to do our own thing when in fact they can be the evil that lurks in the corners of our house… especially lego’s on the carpet… oh the lego’s!!!

Review from Baby Guide for the Modern Mother

We have recently had the privilege of reviewing the services of the Smart Toy Club and who can pass up the opportunity of having your little one be a toy tester. I mean, isn’t that the dream job?

The Smart Toy Club is a monthly subscription service that allows you to rent an age appropriate, educational bag of quality toys.

Review from Liam & Cole

Children are generally so excited when they receive new toys. Then they get tired of them. And they are then added to the rest of the toys that were abandoned. Some of them end up with a whole lot of dust. Our eldest son eventually lost track of what toys he had. After sharing this concern with other parents, I realized this was quite common. This needed to stop. I was completely done with buying toys and seeing them collect dust.

Review from Tyranny of Pink

At the start of the year, I was contacted by The Smart Toy Club about a trial period of their toy rental service.

At first I was skeptical, why on earth would renting toys be a good idea. It sounded, quite frankly like one big hassle and then there were other concerns, like what about the cleanliness of the toys.

Review from Two Dads and a Kid

If your child is anything like our son they get bored extremely quickly with the toys you get them. One day it’s the flavour of the month, and before you know it, they want nothing to do with the new toy. There’s a toy box loaded with “must have” toys that just won’t do to play with.

Worry no more I say!

Review from Crazy Momma of Three

As a mom of three I have seen my lions share of toy collections and I am always having to sort through them in an attempt to simplify what we have and how much we have, having amassed quite a bit over the years and having kids who for the love of the earth seem to amass a sentimental connection to every mini fig and block that enters our home even if said toy is falling to pieces and they haven’t touched it in years.

Review from The Blessed Barrenness

Make Toy Minimalism a Reality with the Smart Toy Club

Remember at the beginning of the year I spoke about how I wanted to simplify my life with all the STUFF that was in my home? Well, The Smart Toy Club does exactly that but for all your kids toys!

Review from Me and My Sista

“It’s just going to land up at the botom of the toy box!”

We know we are not alone in repeating this phrase to our children whilst standing in the toy isle.

Often followed by “you have so many toys that you dont play with!”

So when The Smart Toy Club approached us to review their product, we had 2 thoughts:

Review from Making Mountains

The Smart Toy Club! This is SUCH a nifty idea and makes total sense for any parent of young kids. I have always found toys a minefield to navigate, never knowing if they will have longevity, be worth the investment/money spent, or just be another bit of plastic adding...

Review from Melodramatic Adventures

Nothing has broken my Mama heart as much as seeing Arren lose interest in a toy I bought him within a couple of hours. I put so much effort into buying him the perfect toys, even letting him try it out in the stores a couple of times before getting them, but sooner rather than later, he gets over it and starts playing with the box, and most of the times it’s not even good boxes!

Review from Rose and Thorns

Rosie has received her first monthly toy bag from the Smart Toy Club. Parents can sign up and receive a monthly bag of age appropriate, educational and fun toys. Then, when the month is up, you exchange your bag for a new one!

Review from Hayley’s Joys

Over the last few months, the Smart Toy Club has been sending us some toys.

At the beginning of each month, we received a bag containing some toys suited to Alyssa and Aidan’s age – and at the end of the month we gave it back and received a new bag!

Review from Rattle & Mum

If you have a child between the ages of six months and five years, don’t have budget to buy new toys regularly to keep up with their milestones and development, or just don’t feel like forking out for things that you know won’t last forever, then there’s Smart Toy Club, a monthly toy rental subscription.

Article in Sunday Times

Wow – check out the Sunday Times ZA! Thanks to Andrea Britt and her awesome girls Lily and Grace for helping us out with this 🙂 #soproud